Baltimore includes B’More Invested among initiatives “working to create a more equitable innovation economy”

Featured in Baltimore Justice Report

Last week, Baltimore identified “7 Baltimore initiatives formed since the summer of protests that are working to create a more equitable innovation economy,” including B’More Invested, the initiative anchored by OSI-Baltimore and Baltimore’s Promise that announced its first 10 grantees last month. The B’More Invested entry reads as follows:

Open Society Institute-Baltimore and Baltimore’s Promise joined together to lead this new initiative with a goal of providing flexible funding to promising organizations that have lacked adequate resources to expand their programming and reach more people. It recently awarded 10 orgs a total of $150K each. This shows influential foundations coming together to support a new model not just for solutions, but for funding them, as well. “For too long, Black- and brown-led organizations have been overlooked or grossly underinvested in by philanthropic institutions,” said Danielle Torain, director of Open Society Institute-Baltimore.

Read Baltimore’s full list here.